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Author of “Pixie Dust” – a true story that engages you on how life was in the outback of Australia in the 1950s.  This story will give you an understanding of how tough it was, and how navigating it with humour was the only way to survive.  


Bronwyn and her siblings had a step-mother who hated them, and a father who was mostly absent working hard in his copper mine.  They developed ways to cope,   which almost always ended in comedic outcomes. 


The story reflects on what would have been an extremely tough living environment for 5 young siblings, and the situations they created to survive.


Finalist in the Newcastle Herald Short Story Competition - 2018 and 2020

About Bronwyn

Bronwyn is a retired music teacher and although interested in writing during her school years, didn't begin to write seriously until her retirement.

She lives in Lake Macquarie, NSW, Australia and when not writing, dabbles in watercolours, acrylics, photography, and gardening.  

During her working life, she has been a governess, cleaner, waitress, punch card operator, creative costume designer, secretary, and for a brief period - a cook on the Nullarbor.

She played the piano and learned music from a young age, which leads her to her most successful career;  a music teacher.  Bronwyn taught piano, guitar, musicianship, and vocals for over 30 years due to her ability to excite her students with a love of music.

She enjoys relaxing with a good mystery and a glass of red.

Bronwyn is the mother of 3, and a grandmother of 6.

This is her first book.

Bronwyn's Books

How do children survive a mother's abandonment and a stepmother's cruelty in an outback town in the 1950s?  With imagination, a strong sibling bond, and humourous adventures, they escape a bleak home life.  This book will take you on a comical and poignant journey.

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Sample chapter - PDF and Audio

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Coming soon...

The continuing story

Bronwyn is currently writing the sequel to 'Pixie Dust'


This story will see her life continue to take unusual and interesting turns as she negotiates the early stages of adulthood.

The book will be released in 2024.

And also....

Bronwyn is working on a collection of humorous performance poetry on various events in her life.

This book will be released in 2024.


This wonderful story had me laughing out loud one moment and tearing up the next.  A highly recommended, really entertaining read.

Megan Buxton

The Hunter Writers Centre

In this book the author covers the trials and tribulations of childhood when growing up through tough times in country New South Wales in the 1950s.   The story then continues through boarding school with holiday visits back home before finally emerging into the workforce in the early 1960s.

Bewilderment, delight and tragedy are cleverly handled throughout the book with a skillful economy of words.  The scenes and characters are developed in a manner that amply captures the story through an innocent child's eyes.

Everyone who grew up in Australia during the 1950s & 60s will be able to relate to the story, while for those who didn't, it gives valuable insight into the childhood experiences of years past.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this narrative and I look forward to Bronwyn MacRitchie's next book.

Trevor Peart

South Australia

My mum passed this book on to me at Christmas after she read it.  I don’t know what I expected but it was a beautiful surprise.


I thoroughly enjoyed her writing style and was simply amazed at the stories of her life. It was not an easy upbringing.


Many of the chapters read as short stories of their own. An enjoyable read of a different time.

Rachael Johnston

New South Wales, Australia

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